Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Project Life Last page of January..Yay!!

Hi!! there anyone still out there? lol!! If you are reading this, give me a shout so I know if I am just talking to myself of not! haaa!!
So I am super excited! I finally finished January in my Project Life album! Yay! I am so happy, because I got my IPhone in Febuary, so I have way more should be a lot easier for my from here on out! =)
The last page for January is about sledding on the base. Lackland AFB trucked in thousands of pounds of 'snow' for the kids to sled down and play in. It was in the 70's, because we live in south Texas, so it turned slushy pretty quickly...but the kids still had fun. We got there super early, because we were still homeschooling--sooo glad because we were at the front of the line...and the line was HUGE!!
Here are some close ups of the inserts:
I am so excited to get started on February!! Thanks for stopping by!!! =)


Karen said...

I am here! I'm enjoying looking at your Project Life pages :) Please keep posting!

yuki said...

Still an active follower! Good job with PL! Keep up with the updates pls!

Laramie said...

This is a very cool project and so great to get the day to day stuff that happens. Love it!

Rhonda S. said...

I'm still here!