Saturday, August 4, 2012

Project Life January 2012...still...

Hey!! I am so super proud of myself! I have now finished all of January in my Project Life Album! I haven't gotten pictures of the last page yet, but I do have some more to share. Remember that you can find the Project Life products that I use in my side bar! ;)
Here is the spread that I finished, you have already seen the page on the left...but the right is new! =)
This page was a little tricky, because in January I didn't even know about Project Life, I didn't have my IPhone yet, and I wasn't keeping track of anything....ACCEPT on FaceBook. Thank Heavens for FaceBook!! I went through all my posts from January and it helped me remember stuff that I wanted to add to my album. Good thing I am so good about posting absolutely everything over there! haaa!!!
The tags that I pre-made have came in SO handy! It makes the whole process so much quicker! Here is the is a total mish mash of everything that I could think of that I wanted included in my album...
I have added the dates to everything even though they are so not in order...that is what I love about Project Life...there are no rules, you can do whatever you want! And it still works!
I have some closeups for you so you can see a bit better...
Here is our sweet kitty, Little Jimmy. The poor thing is Calista's favorite doll! He gets dressed up and toted around all the time...such a good sport!
My silly kitties, Pedro and Wally. I thought this was hilarious when I found them in my chair...Pedro had himself all tucked in under Curt's Broncos blanket!
Here I jotted down some of the things that we did, or took place in January...then there is a picture of Brayden and Tori sporting some beanies that they got for Christmas.
We are big WWE fans in our house, and we were super excited when Chris Jericho came back to Monday Night had to include that! Then I have a couple of FB posts that I made on my birthday...I was super sick, so there are no pictures or anything.
This was fun...I went through my FB wall and copied all my posts from January, printed them out and then put them in this little envelope.
Lastly I have another picture of poor Little Jimmy dressed up like a princess, laying on top of my HomeSchool planning. Then I have a sweet FB post from my hubby. =)
I sure hope that some of you have started your albums!! If me up so I can see!!
The Project Life items that I used here are:
Photo Pocket Pages- Big Pack of Design A
Black Signature Binder

Have a great weekend!!!!

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Snowsmoon said...

I have got to get started on mine...I love this idea! You are doing a great job with yours! Hugs