Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Little Kojack

Hi there anyone still there? LOL!
So I am finally getting ready to start scrappin again! Are any of you doing the Project Life? I have been busy collecting stuff so I can start. I am really excited! Of course I have been slacking with my picture taking, one of the many things that I need to work on...
So on Tuesday we had to take our little rat, Kojack, in for surgery. He had a tumor growing on his tummy that had to be removed. It has been a chore taking care of the little guy. He has one of those lamp shade things on, so he won't mess with his stitches...and he hates it! He can't feed himself because he can't reach his mouth. He looks like an alligator trying to walk. Curt and Kyle took him back to the vet this this morning because his incision was getting infected. They cleaned it out and gave us some antibiotic cream for it...(why didn't they give us that in the first place?) He has to wear the cone until at least Monday. The stitches come out in next Friday.  AND he has to be separated from his friend, Ozzy, until they come out! =( is my little guy with his lamp shade on..

He is a hairless rat...they didn't shave Poor little guy!!!
Well I will be back soon...gonna get some scrapping done!!! Yay!!


Jen said...

I'm here! Not doing project life but working on p366! Love the new look!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, isn't he sweet! Great that Kojack's got such an awesome family to take care of him, and he gets to return to his routine and buddy soon. :) I have had pet rats in the past and think they're wonderful. :)


Nina said...

This picture caught my attention in my dashboard. We have rats now as pets and my daughter has had a hairless rat years ago. Poor Kojack, but lucky him for having caretakers that love him so much to care for him in such a way. I can't say I have ever seen a cone/lampshade on a rat before, I must say he stills my heart in this photo! He has the sweetest little face. Our Millie dog has a cone right now too she just had an eye removed because of a detached retina and tumor. Our pets are truly a part of our families!! Hope he heals fast and is back to his charming self soon and his cage buddy!